Estate Planning Law Today: How Can We Meet the New Needs?

Estate planning should not just be a plan for death, but instead the opportunity to make wise choices during life. And that’s precisely what we teach lawyers at New Law Business Model. But how do people make wise choices while navigating extended periods of change and uncertainty?

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Starting an Estate Planning Practice: 7 Reasons You Will Love It

Estate Planning Practice - New Law Business Model

Whether you are choosing your practice area, looking for an additional revenue stream for your law practice, or want to get out of a law practice area you detest, there is one niche in particular that you should consider. Estate planning.  It might seem like the last one you’d consider, but here are seven powerful…

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The Top 7 Habits of Wildly Successful Estate Planning Lawyers

Successful estate planning lawyer sits at desk with fists in the air celebrating success.

Recently, our editorial staff asked Ali Katz, founder of New Law Business Model, what she sees as the top important habits of the most successful estate planning lawyers. Ali has trained over 2,700 lawyers over the past 12+ years on the New Law Business Model she created when she was in private practice.

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Life, Legacy, and The Impact of the (Faulty) Estate Planning Process

Grandparents helping granddaughters with homework, as metaphor for the priceless aspects of legacy that are often lost in the estate planning process.

Inheritance is so much more than just the money that you leave behind when you die.  Estate planning, when done right and well, can be a gateway to understanding the meaning of life and death, and open up a whole new level of family connection, harmony, health, and well-being. When estate planning is done wrong…

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