Lawyer Stereotypes + the Truth About Lawyering

Ali Katz, New Law Business Model founder sits on couch with her hands up in the air.

The number of lawyer stereotypes floating around out there is only eclipsed by the number of lawyer jokes floating around out there. We’ve heard them all, haven’t we? “How many lawyer jokes are there, anyway? Only three. The rest are true stories.”

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Leap Into a Law Practice You Love – Part 3

Circular image of Ali Katz, NLBM founder, on the left, next to copy that reads "Leap Into a Law Practice You Love Part 3, overlayed on transparent image of person leaping in the air.

This is the third and final post in my Leap Into a Law Practice You Love series. In the first two parts of the series, I shared with you how I had left the security of my 6-figure paycheck with two kids at home under the age of 4, plus my husband staying at home…

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Use the Power of Journaling to Transform Your Law Practice

Man's hands writing in a journal, illustrating the power of journaling to transform your law practice.

The following is adapted from The New Law Business Model by Ali Katz, New Law Business Model Founder—find it on Amazon. If you’re one of the many lawyers who is struggling and unhappy with your current work, you’re probably dreaming about how to transform your law practice.

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The Lawyer Who Stole Christmas

Lawyer sits at desk with piles of paper and a Christmas tree in the background.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook about a grinch lawyer who ruined her Christmas by dropping work on her desk Christmas Eve morning that had to be completed by the end of the day. It reminded me of a story about a client of mine who was shocked to discover he had turned into…

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Inspiration for Lawyers: Practical Ways to Cope in a Rapidly Changing World

young professional man standing outside holding tablet and hopefully looking off into the distance.

2020 has been a radical year, full of change. Businesses are adapting, schools are now operating in a dramatically different way, daily routines went out the window… It seems as if there isn’t a single person who has not been impacted by changes in everyday life—and most likely, that includes you, dear lawyer readers!

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