Todd Jarvis

Todd Jarvis is the proud father of 7 and has been practicing law in Arizona since 2012.

Case Studies

Kim Rockwood

How NLBM helped Kim Rockwood become the businesswoman she dreamed of being.

Bonnie Faucett

Bonnie is the highly skilled solo-practitioner and entrepreneur whose training with NLBM finally helped her realize her full potential.

Amy June

A graduate of Duke’s prestigious Law School, Amy June is a high-capacity lawyer who finally found real purpose through NLBMs training program.

Amy Hsiao

A remarkable woman, Amy Hsiao immigrated to the US from Taiwan when she was 29 to attend Law School. With NLBMs help, she finally attained all the success her incredible potential was capable of.

David Taylor

David Taylor is the kind and driven leader of Twin Falls Estate Planning, a highly successful PFL Practice in Twin Falls, Idaho

Taylor Haley

A devoted mom and solo-practitioner lawyer, Taylor Haley is no stranger to stress and juggling lots of things at once. But with NLBMs help, she finally unlocked her full potential.

Legacy Case Studies

The Change Maker

A Stressed Out Family Law Practitioner Becomes a Family Man Practicing Law From the time Levi Alexander entered Law School at Michigan State University, he knew he wanted to work with families. So much so, that he chose the school because of its Chance at Childhood Clinic, where law students would be paired with a social worker…

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All Points North: How a Public Defender from Alaska Became an Estate Planning Pro

Meaning in the Middle of Nowhere In the summer of 2019, Liz Smith joined New Law Business Model and began building her new practice. But much like the city she hails from in Alaska, arriving at this important place wasn’t an easy journey. And taking on this new chapter of her life took her off the traditional…

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