Todd Jarvis

Todd Jarvis is the proud father of 7 and has been practicing law in Arizona since 2012.

Case Studies

Levi Alexander

Levi came out of law school knowing he wanted to start his own practice. But the stress immediately affected his family life and well-being. Using the systems we gave him, Levi now has complete control of his schedule and his income. Best of all, Levi loves his life and his law practice.

Erica Endyke

Being a PFL allowed Erica the opportunity to be the kind of role model and parent she wanted to be, while also giving her the chance to participate in her community and be the lawyer she always wanted to be too, growing her revenue by nearly 4x in her first year with NLBM.

Will Stafford

Will Stafford left big law to start his PFL firm, consistently producing over $30,000 per month in revenue after just his first six months of membership with New Law Business Model, and now Will is on his way to a $500k+ year.

Legacy Case Studies

How to Create a Full-Time Income as a Part-Time Lawyer

Are flexible, part-time working hours and having your own legal practice mutually exclusive? In today’s article, we are taking a closer look at the experience of Irene DeJesus. Married 27 years, mother of 2 grown children, and now a grandmother – law is Irene’s second career, after spending 30 years in the healthcare industry as a nurse.…

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Life After Litigation

Today we are taking a deeper dive into the experience of Marc Garlett, a seasoned litigator who was unhappy in his chosen practice area. Marc currently lives in Southern California with his wife and two children and is a member of the California State Bar and the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Marc decided to leave…

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From Stressed-Out Lawyer to Happy Lawyer + Present Parent

Between the long hours, billing issues, client demands, and deadlines, the stress of practicing law can make even the most adept lawyer want to throw in the towel. Today we are taking a closer look at the experience of Jill Gregory, a single mom, and a lawyer who considered doing just that. Jill went to…

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Leaving Biglaw to Build Her Empire

Today we are taking a closer look into the experience of Shane Jasmine Young, an accomplished lawyer who spent ten years in private practice before opening her firm. Shane is a member of the State Bar of Nevada and is licensed to practice in the Nevada State Court, United States District Court for the District…

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Single Mom Builds a Thriving Law Practice While Prioritizing Her Family

Meet Amy Hsiao. Within a year of implementing the New Law Business Model into her law practice, Amy increased her average fees from $950 to $5,000 per plan, increased her client engagement rate to 90%, and earned six figures—allowing her to travel for 2-3 months out of the year and spend quality time with her…

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Solo Practitioner Lawyer Unlocks Personal and Financial Freedom

Meet Taylor Haley. Taylor had what most would consider a fantastic life: she worked in the largest law firm in her town, had a great career track in front of her and a beautiful growing family. She was living the life she had expected she would, and doing what she had gone to law school…

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From Stressed-Out General Practitioner to Thriving Solo Law Practice

Today we are exploring in more detail the experience of Bonnie Faucett, a former general practitioner who spent 5 years working tirelessly in her law practice, but not getting anywhere. Within six months of transitioning to practicing law with NLBM, Bonnie reduced her working hours by 50% and increased her revenue by 900%—and by the…

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Trained Estate Planning Lawyer Found Himself Lost

A New Lawyer Seeking to Change the Status Quo Finds Himself Adrift Like so many other lawyers, David Taylor’s very first job out of law school found him at a litigation-heavy law firm practicing Estate Planning law. “When I interviewed for the job, one of the first things they told me was, ‘We don’t like…

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A Former Corporate Lawyer Becomes His Best Boss

A Long-Time Corporate Lawyer Goes Out On A Limb In the first week of January 2021, Will Stafford quit his job at a demanding corporate law firm in Houston, and started his own law practice. It had been four years in the dreaming, but on day one, facing no revenue, he had the same realization…

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How A No-Nonsense Lawyer Built an Inspiring and Lucrative Practice with NLBM

Striking Out On Her Own When Erica Endyke started her own practice back in 2018, she’d be the first to tell you that despite her training and hopeful aspirations, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. “I think I was just throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what stuck. It was really ‘I don’t know what to do!’…

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