Become Your Community’s Greatest Resource by Mastering Relational Lawyering

November 18, 2022

Tis the season to talk about money! It’s the time of year when families get together to catch up and…

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Lawyer Mentors Blog – The Mentoring Way

THE MENTORING WAY How NLBM Mentors Help Member Lawyers Build the Practice and Life They Deserve HOW NLBM PREPARES MEMBERS An adage you often hear is “the best way to learn anything is by doing.” When it comes to starting…

Case Study: A Former Corporate Lawyer Becomes His Best Boss

  A Long-Time Corporate Lawyer Goes Out On A Limb In the first week of January 2021, Will Stafford quit his job at a demanding corporate law firm in Houston, and started his own law practice. It had been four…

Case Study: Trained Estate Planning Lawyer Found Himself Lost

A New Lawyer Seeking to Change the Status Quo Finds Himself Adrift   Like so many other lawyers, David Taylor’s very first job out of law school found him at a litigation-heavy law firm practicing Estate Planning law.   “When I…

What Law School Didn’t Tell You. (But We Will.)

Finding Due North For (New) Lawyers Means Knowing Their Work Matters, Their Impact Is Strong, And Their Time Is Viewed As Valuable. (P.S. It doesn’t hurt if their paycheck isn’t paltry, either.)

Law Business Advisors: You Talk. They Listen. Together You Make Plans

Law Business Advisors are your go-to resource for getting your questions answered about everything from program cost, process, outcomes as you explore whether the New Law Way is right for you.

The Wrong Way to Adopt the Right Law Practice Model

From Struggling Law Practice to Lifestyle Business and Legacy Company: What to Do—And When to Do It—So You Don’t Run Out of Money or Patience Along the Way.


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