How to Offer a High Value Service That AI Can’t Replace

March 1, 2023

Your Humanity Is the Key to a Service That Sells Itself! As we all know by now, AI is getting…

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Use This Legal Intake Script to Avoid Giving Free Consultations

Chances are, you are providing a tremendous amount of free legal counsel, and getting paid a meager amount for what clients can do themselves while giving away your most valuable service. It’s time to stop doing that.

Grandparents helping granddaughters with homework, as metaphor for the priceless aspects of legacy that are often lost in the estate planning process.

Life, Legacy, and The Impact of the (Faulty) Estate Planning Process

Inheritance is so much more than just the money that you leave behind when you die.  Estate planning, when done right and well, can be a gateway to understanding the meaning of life and death, and open up a whole…

Tiny shopping cart next to hands on the keyboard on a lawyer's desk.

So You Want to Be an “Affordable Lawyer?” The Affordability Paradox

You’ve heard me say it here repeatedly, the traditional law practice model is broken. And, if you do not make a change in the way you practice law and serve clients, you are going to get caught behind the 8-ball,…

A young couple sitting at a desk with an estate planning lawyer

How You Can Put the Life & Legacy Planning Model to Work in Your Law Practice

In this blog post — the second in our series (read the first post here) —I’m going to let you know the fast and easy way to get started with the Life & Legacy Planning Model in the next 60…

silhouette of a happy family with children

How to Do Estate Planning the Way Your Clients (and You) Actually Want

Some time ago, New Law Business Model hosted a webinar for the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division about ‘Why Estate Planning is the Best Practice Model for Young Lawyers.’ If you didn’t get to see it, you can watch…

close up of turquoise and blue wave crashing on the shore of the beach

Ride the Wave to Profit in One of the Most In-Demand Law Fields

The silver tsunami is coming. Between now and 2061, an estimated $59 trillion will be transferred from 93.6 million American estates to the future generations. That’s a whole lot of clients who need you.


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