Inspiration for Lawyers: Practical Ways to Cope in a Rapidly Changing World

young professional man standing outside holding tablet and hopefully looking off into the distance.

2020 has been a radical year, full of change. Businesses are adapting, schools are now operating in a dramatically different way, daily routines went out the window… It seems as if there isn’t a single person who has not been impacted by changes in everyday life—and most likely, that includes you, dear lawyer readers!

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Searching for a Life as a Lawyer That Works

Female lawyer in suit sits at desk holding up magnifying glass to computer screen as if she is searching for a life as a lawyer that works.

Are You Searching for Ways to Improve Your Life as a Lawyer? According to Google search engines, terms like ‘I hate being a lawyer’, ‘leaving law’, ‘how to make more money as a lawyer’, ‘legal marketing’, and ‘be a better lawyer’ are searched hundreds, if not thousands of times per month.

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The Top 7 Habits of Wildly Successful Estate Planning Lawyers

Successful estate planning lawyer sits at desk with fists in the air celebrating success.

Recently, our editorial staff asked Ali Katz, founder of New Law Business Model, what she sees as the top important habits of the most successful estate planning lawyers. Ali has trained over 2,700 lawyers over the past 12+ years on the New Law Business Model she created when she was in private practice.

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How to Get Clients as a Lawyer the Easiest, Fastest Way Possible

Lawyer shakes hand with new client against a sunny background

Is there a secret for how to get clients as a lawyer—the easy way? Even if you are the smartest and most amazing lawyer in town, that hardly matters if you can’t find anybody who wants to hire you. Fortunately, the easiest, fastest way to find new clients isn’t a deep dark secret.

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